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Thailand has a distinct communication culture, which includes gestures such as putting two hands together to show respect. and bring it up to your chest Handshakes are not exchanged between men and women. Wai also shows his admiration. It is a greeting ritual that reaches back to antiquity.

Final words of speech

When speaking with Thai people, adding a last word to the statement, such as "Krub" or "Kha," makes it more respectful. For more information, please see the table below.

  • For male, add a “Krub” to the end of sentence to sound formal
  • For female, add a “Kha” to the end of sentence too

The Example

Hello – Sawasdee (Sa Wat Di)

  • Sawasdee Krub (For male)
  • Sawassdee Kha (For female)

How are you ? – Sa Bai Dee Mai ? (Sa Bai Dee Mai)

  • Sa Bai Dee Mai Krub (For male)
  • Sa Bai Dee Mai Kha (For female)

Thai greeting is not a handshake but a wai.

What is Wai ?

“Wai” is a type of communication and a customary greeting in Thailand. You can use “Wai” when you would like a greeting, and saying goodbye.

How to Wai?

The basic wai, starting, put your palms together in front of your chest so that each finger is touching its counterpart. Then, bring your hands to touch the middle of your chest and slightly bow your head and do a little slow.

Wai is shaped like a lotus.

Between you “Wai” you also can speak “Sawasdee Krub / Kha” too

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